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Business Improvement District
(BID) Board

The BID Board is tasked with encouraging economic development within the city through projects, education and activities. A BID allows for special assessment or fees to fund and promote economic in our community.  There are seven members of the BID Board, each member must be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Common Council to serve a three year term.

Business Meeting

Economic Activities

Any money generated may be used for any one or more of the following purposes:

(1)    The acquisition, construction, maintenance, and operation of public off-street parking facilities for the benefit of the district area;

(2)    Improvement of any public place or facility in the district area, including landscaping and plantings;

(3)    Construction or installation of convention or event centers, pedestrian shopping malls or plazas, sidewalks, including moving sidewalks, parks, meeting and display facilities, bus stop shelters, lighting, benches or other seating furniture, sculptures, trash receptacles, shelters, fountains, skywalks, and pedestrian and vehicular overpasses and underpasses or any useful or necessary public improvement;

(4)    Leasing, acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, extending, maintaining, or repairing parking lots or parking garages, both above and below ground, or other facilities for the parking of vehicles, including the power to install such facilities in public areas, whether such areas are owned in fee or by easement, in the district area;

(5)    Creation and implementation of a plan for improving the general architectural design of public areas in the district area;

(6)    The development of any activities and promotion of the district area;

(7)    Maintenance, repair, and reconstruction of any improvements or facilities authorized by this chapter;

(8)    Any other project or undertaking for the betterment of the facilities in the district area, whether the project is capital or noncapital in nature;

(9)    Enforcement of parking regulations within the district area; and

(10)    Employing or contracting for personnel, including administrators for any improvement or promotional program, and providing for any service necessary or proper to carry out the purposes of projects.


Chuck Voorhees, President

Kim Benning

Shane Schriner

Eric Lind

Amanda Blume

Doug Peters

Viola Venner

Project Presentation
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